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playing a game he calls "rescue the world" it was not an imagery gone or a bubble shooter, it was a nonexistent grenade, and fox caught up with the seven-year-old and here is the reporter julie hayden. >> i can't believe i got suspended. >> seven year old alex doesn't understand his suspension. >> they said, suspended-- any the better than he can pronounce it. >> it's called rescue world. >> he was playing the game during recess at land's mary blare elementary school and threw an imagery grenade in a box he calls pretend evil forces inside. >> and i pretend in the box there's something shaking in it and i-- and it goes-- >> he did not throw anything real or make any threats against begin. >> and he explains he was pretending to be the hero. >> so, nothing can get out of there and destroy the world,
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yeah. >> his imagery play broke the real rules. the school lists what it calls absolutes under the parent resources section of its website, absolutely no fighting, real or imagery and no weapons, real or imagery. >> maybe he could teach obama a thing or two about dealing with evil. like all americans we want our kids safe in school, but remember, kids sometimes need to be kids especially on the playground. i guess if i was a kid today i'd be arrested. that's all the time we have left this evening, as always, thank you for being with us, let not your heart be troubled. the news continues, greta is standing by next to go on the record and we'll see you here tomorrow night. greta. take it away. >> greta: tonight, drone-gate is heating up in washington, rush limbaugh is already on fire. >> this is from nbc news, a confidential justice department memo concludes that the united states government, ie, president obama, can order the killing of american
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citizens, if they are believed to be senior operation leaders of al-qaeda or associated force, even if there isn't any intelligence indicating that they're engaged in an active plot to attack the united states. that's casting a really wide net because it almost sounds like he won't even have to be a senior operational leader of al-qaeda or associate, or actually an associated force is interesting. if this-- if this provision had been in place back in the '70s, does this mean that nixon could have assassinated the weatherman? does this mean that richard nixon could have taken out the new black panther party? does it mean nixon could have killed bill ayers? it does mean that. bill ayers or the weatherman, he had an active plot against the u.s., bombed the pentagon.
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that means if this -- if nixon had assumed the kind of power that obama's assuming, he could have sent a commando team out to wipe out bill ayers. you can't kill rogue leaders, no, you cannot by law. we cannot assassinate foreign leaders. we can now kill americans as long as we say they are related to al-qaeda somehow. and that link isn't too tough. al-qaeda hates america, all do you have do is hate america, it could be said that you are an associated force. remember, all of the anger at the left had over water boarding. i think i have this right. constitutional scholar barack obama is demanding the right
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to kill american citizens without making his case to a judge, as long as he thinks the american in question is in an upper tier of operations of al-qaeda or a related group. but you can't water board the guy. you can kill him, but we can't water board him. we can kill the son of a-- but we can't torture him. have i got this right? >> and rick santorum joins us, nice to see you. >> great to see you, and rush, you had it right and that's the hypocrisy of this. that you have an administration that wanted to have civilian trials for terrorists and not even american citizens, but have civilian trials for everyone. and i just think that the hypocrisy of now saying we're going to be able to kill them if we suspect that they are a
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senior level operative is hypocrisy. >> greta: kill americans, that's the distinction. >> that's the distinction it, i agree he that rush is absolutely right on. now let's get to the policy. the policy itself so he is a hypocrite. let's put that in >> greta: he meaning? >> the president for the positions he's taken and by the way so is everybody on the left who complained about bush and his tactics and comparing that with obama's as again, you don't hear them complaining about the president doing what he's doing. let's look at the policy and my concern is that if that american citizen is in theater, is in afghanistan or was in iraq or the theater of operation where there is active hostility going against the united states and there's american citizen, you know, in the mountains of afghanistan, then i think that policy makes sense. >> greta: all right. >> and if that person is here in the united states, obviously, we shouldn't be able to kill an american citizen here in the united
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states, you know, because of that suspicion and i would have a much higher threshold of doing so in countries outside of the theater of operation. >> let me give you some examples. a 16-year-old american whose father was a terrorist, but he was not in yemen. now, that's not, that's not afghanistan, that's not iraq. >> right. >> greta: there have been protests against the united states there, but protests against the united states in europe and i mean, in paris and in london over time. there are protests against america in lots of places. yemen is not a war zone. not like afghanistan. >> no, i would agree with that and to me, that would come down to, okay, what alternatives do you have? and if that 16-year-old, first off how good is your intelligence and how reliable, and again, depending where this terrorist is, or suspected terrorist. >> this is apparently wrong intelligence. based on how strong your intelligence is and how
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reliable. if they're outside a theater you have to have better intelligence and number two, look at the country you're in. do we have a government in yemen to do something to capture this person or take action against this person short of a drone attack. >> somebody who turns out not to be a terrorist. >> i understand, but there is always the occasion of bad intelligence. so the question is, i'd rather, if the bad intelligence about an american with an al-qaeda group in afghanistan, i'll live with that intelligence. what's that person doing it there? obviously, they're doing some things they shouldn't be if they're in a terrorist camp in afghanistan. if they're in yemen, that's a given story. you need more intelligence and the second thing, if you have a relationship, if that person was in france we would work cooperatively with france and address that issue because we have that relationship there. we may not in yemen and may have to take alternative
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measures. >> the john brennan nominee, described it as self-defense, okay? a drone, a drone against, you know, an american. and do you have any problem with that one? >> let's go back to the two parts. first the hypocrisy argument. john brennan and all of his ilk of folks who were criticizing the left, criticizing president bush for going into iraq on preemption, on self-defense before we were attacked and the left has been going for eight years, you know, bush lied, people die, all based on the issue of preemption. and here we have now, this administration who is against all of this, now saying, the same rationale that president bush-- >> hypocrisy is one issue and i give that one to you, but are you not troubled by the fact and this is also sort of looped into hypocrisy.
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a new discussion with the obama administration wanting to bring gitmo to new york and give them trials where they have lawyers, rights to appeal. cross examination, decided by a jury and yet here under this government program, a high government official, i don't know who that is. judge, jury, executioner of americans. >> again, i have concerns about the hypocrisy. >> greta: forget the hypocrisy. do you have any trouble with that? >> again, i have to say it's depending on the circumstances. my feeling is that in certain circumstances, that option should be available to a president, but it should be very good intelligence and as high threshold of standards, that has to be in a country where-- >> yemen would be out to you. >> based on the circumstances it would be a higher threshold. i think as i said earlier it would not necessarily be out, but other countries where we have relations where we do work with the government not
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doing drones-- >> and do you think you'll be running for president. >> we'll be talking and we're certainly open to looking at 2016. >> greta: it's definitely not a no. >> definitely not a no. >> greta: senator, nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: tonight, prime minister has explaining to do. remember when he said if you liked your health care plan, under obamacare that would not change. bad news for 7 million americans that's how many a could be losing the job based health insurance. according to the cbo, less attractive for businesses to pay for health care coverage. joining us this evening. >> good evening, greta. >> greta: now obamacare is back in the news. >> yes. >> greta: what's the republican party approach to this? >> look, i don't know how news would worthy some of this stuff is, other than more promises made by the president
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that aren't going to come to fruition and i think over time people are going to see the next four years that this is not going to be a new story, this is going to be next year, another story is going to come out and instead of it, seven million people dropped off the health care roles you'll find it's going to be 14 million. the year after it's going to be more because the problem is, as we know, health care costs go up and when this program was put on the table by the president, the cost was under a trillion dollars and now we know it's over 2 1/2 trillion dollars. and more people aren't going to be able to keep the insurance that they were promised, businesses out there saying, wait a second, this is too expense stiff and so we're not going to provide this to our employee, so what we're going to do is drop the insurance, pay the fine and it's cheaper, and people are going to be left out in the cold. we knew this was going to happen and we said it's going to happen and i think over time the obama brand over the next four years, the reality of what the truth is going to be under his signature program, which was obamacare, is going to go down in flames
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and people aren't going to like it. >> the republican party undergoing some change, speaker gingrich said the republican conference, leaders retreat. that the parties should learn to be a happy party, a cheerful one and you said the republican party should be a party that smiles. >> right. >> is this like, a new republican party? pan a happy party? >> well, listen. i think that here is the deal. i think we win the economic guard and i think we're good at math and explain what's happening. >> greta: the voters didn't think so. >> that's not really true on the issues that were put on the table. here was the problem. first of all, when people were asked, who would be better at creating jobs in this country, people chose mitt romney. when people asked who would be better for the economy, people chose mitt romney. the problem, when people were asked who cares about you? the problem is, an overwhelming amount of people said barack obama and i think part of our problem is that we have to be the party that inspires again. we have to be the party that
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provides hope again and party of the little guy. >> greta: how do you do that? >> because i think, that number one, messaging is really important. we have to be the party that's for the bank of kenosha, not the bank of america. we have to be the party for the guy like my dad who is an electrician or cutting tools. >> greta: how do you do that? >> for one thing i think we have to explain what we're about. i think the concepts of liberty and freedom are always fresh ideas. they're always revolutionary ideas. and i think that people in our party like ronald reagan and others, in the unscripted moments that told truth, that smoke in anecdotes that told stories that were relatable to people. i think that's what our party is all about. if you look at emerging leaders in our party. people like marco rubio, paul ryan, bobby jindal. >> greta: better say senator rick santorum. >> you look at people who come from humble beginnings that worked their way up.
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that lived the american dream. i think that's what our party is about. i think ultimately, greta, mitt romney ran a pretty good six month operation. >> greta: was he-- >> but the problem was. >> greta: a cheerful one or smile guy. >> the program barack obama ran a four-year operation and i think we won the math argument and i think we need a better job winning the heart argument and we'll work at it. >> greta: congratulations on recent victory, another run. >> thank you. >> greta: nice to see you, and tonight, there's information in turkey about the woman murdered in istanbul. reportedly telling police that he and sarai were having an affair. that's not all. the fbi doesn't believe she was there to take pictures. what do they mean by that. the and the senior reporter is here with the latest. and who was the guy she was having an affair with. >> we don't know a lot about him. it seems that he was questioned early on, he acknowledged that he had spent
10:15 pm
some time with her, at first he denied according to turkish reports, denied he had any kind of relationship with her beyond just casual and now all of a sudden, after they start taking dna and semen samples we find out from turkish reports again he's saying wait a second we did have sex, but that's all it was to it. so the whole story keeps just developing on top of itself and very, very strange way. >> and i'll tell you what i think is particularly weird on this story is that at least very early on it was said that she was a photography buff and going over to take pictures in these beautiful cities. so tell me, does the fbi believe that? >> the fbi is willing to believe it at this point, but according to my sources they're having trouble trusting that information, they're very, very skeptical. the way that the senior fbi official said to me was essentially she went over as a
10:16 pm
photo tourist, but had no camera. >> greta: and that's sort of the clincher for me, if you're going to be a photography buff and go to take pictures you ought to take a camera. she goes to turkey, which is not a particularly dangerous country, she gets there and the first thing that she does is she winds up coming into contact with quote, unquote, sketchy characters, people with criminal histories. it's just not making sense to them and every time they try to go ahead and drill down and understand what's going on, they wind up getting confli conflicting information that again adds to their skepticism. >> greta: and the woman who was supposed to travel with her originally and who didn't, because of finances, didn't go totally stands by the fact that she wouldn't go over there and have an affair, she was over there to do photography and this is a good friend of hers and who genuinely believes this. it's a very different picture now at least that we're hearing. i mean, i guess it's easy now
10:17 pm
to be suspicious of this woman, not the friend, i don't mean the friend, but the woman murdered. >> the whole thing, greta, even on that point the this woman says that she spent the time planning this whole thing and they were going to be going together, but it turns out they weren't going together. the fbi says the woman was not planning to go with her ever, she didn't have the money. >> greta: so this was all concocted. >> not that it's concocted, but things aren't adding up and you know from your own background and we know this being news reporters, when a story doesn't make sense, there's a reason why it doesn't make sense and that's where the skepticism comes in, it's not adding up properly. >> i'm sure we'll learn more in the days to come, thank you very much. >> and straight ahead, a bratty florida teenager taking on a judge. you know that's not going to end well. you'll see what the teen did and hear from the legal panel what they had to say about
10:18 pm
that next and also accused killer jodi arias back on the witness stand and her testimony, wow, x-rated. what did the woman accused of slaughtering her ex-boyfriend in the shower testify to today. and jeb bush may be trying to ♪ [ female announcer ] for beautiful dry mornings, there's pampers. unlike other diapers, pampers has 3 absorbent layers, for up to 12 hours of protection overnight. pampers.
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>> adios. >> come back, come back. om >> come back, come back, ma'am. let me say it again. >> are you serious? >> i am sureiose. adios. [bleep]. >> come back again. come back again. bring her back again. i believe i hear you saying to: >> yes, i did. >> did you say [bleep]? >> actually, i did. >> did you say that? >> yes, sir. >> did you say that? i find you in direct criminal
10:23 pm
content. 30 days in county jail. >> okay, that's fine. >> 30 days in the county jail. >> greta: what a brat. and not to mention stupid. a florida teenager taking the judge and losing. the 18-year-old was in court on a drug possession charge and as you saw, the drug raise the bail after she sarcastically told him adios. and flipped the judge middle finger and 30 days in jail for contempt of court and joining us the legal panel. michael cardoza and bernie lynch. do you have any problem with that 30 days. >> you know, the 30 days, no, i'm not fine with it. here is what happens when attorneys get held in contempt or anyone gets held in contempt. the judge will throw out whatever amount of time in this case, 30 days. they are going to have a contempt hearing, i can almost guarantee you, he's going to lessen that 30 days down to maybe five.
10:24 pm
so, am i fine with the 30, no. this is a teenager, her front lobe is not fully developed. she's up there, nervous, she is being stupid no question about it. the judge engages her and you've got to see how he engaged her and then she says adios, a bit flippantly. he calls her back. he then fines her or gives her the 30 days and then he himself says to her adios. so, i'm not fine with the 30 days at all. am i okay with him holding her in direct contempt. sure, she shouldn't have said that, judge was sending the message to the rest of the prisoners. her next court appearance they reduced the bail from what he had set down to $5,000, that's what the other judge thought of that. >> greta: all right. >> hold him in contempt. >> greta: i'm going to hold michael in contempt. >> fair enough, wouldn't be the first. >> greta: any judge, bernie grimm. >> you started this with what
10:25 pm
a brat, i didn't know the woman or the judge. what's his problem. michael and i had a conference last week, how are you doing long day at court. bernie did you ever have a day in court you wanted to tell the judge blank? i love the woman, i'm living sort of through her. and don't do it, it's disrespect to the court not to the judge, but the judge took a personally. i hope she gets one day in jail. >> greta: hanging judge? >> i think the judge is rather insensitive i thought the judge brought some of it on himself. the mere fact that she said adios as she's leaving i think in some language could be goodbye and he says bring her back, $10,000 and flip the bird, did she say that, yes, she said it. the fact about it is, there are a lot of lawyers who want to-- who want to say what the young lady said, all of you judges out this, i would never do that. >> greta: all right, here is my view.
10:26 pm
look, she is a brat. she's got to learn -- she's got a bad attitude. he might have done her a favor, number one. might have done her a favor she needs to be, she needs to straighten up a little bit. life is harder on her than some-- >> and the judge wants her to straighten up, why doesn't he give her a lawyer. >> greta: no, no, what i think he should have done. 30 days in exchangen get out in 30 days if you do five days cleaning up the highway with the chain gang or whatever it is. out there doing the work and doing something because i don't like the idea taking 30 days. >> you agree with us. >> greta: i don't like the gried of keeping-- i mean, the jail cell is valuable costs taxpayers a lot of money and like to keep the armed robbers perhaps or rapists off the street not the little brat, but i think her behavior is deplorable. >> but there are a lot of people -- there are a lot of people that when he they get nervous in a courtroom, they start to giggle. they start to laugh. there are a lot of adults like this.
10:27 pm
this is a 18-year-old girl who, like i said, her brain is not fully developed yet and laughing. >> you don't say that to a judge. >> no, no, shouldn't do that. she should get punished for that, but that alone. >> greta: i don't think it-- i actually don't think you do her a disfavor to try to straighten up and show some respect. i've been in the court where the judge says to the marshal, sit that woman down. and join bernie. and we have much more to talk about, but definitely think about this jailbird giving the bird to the judge. go to greta wire and make sure the panel hears what you have to say. i'll read what you write, from a description of an x-rated sex life jodi arias testifies and you'll see what she told the jury today. and they'll be back.
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>> from the book of mormon to her x-rated sex life, jodi arias's testimony taking a bizar bizarre turn today.
10:32 pm
accused of murdering her boyfriend in the shower, takinged stand, describing it as religious and sexually aggressive. >> when you were reflecting back on the weekend and the way back to palm desert did you consider your actions and your own, not his, but your own actions as it relates to that vow of chastity. >> i considered it. >> and how did you feel about that? >> well, i trusted what i was told by him so i didn't feel like we were sinning, i just felt, i felt a little bit -- i hate to put it this way, but i felt a little bit used, but i knew i'd gone there on my own willingly, so. >> what do you know that you've felt used. >> well, now, he gets a hotel room, i show up, we hang out,
10:33 pm
we have sex, not really there presently and he's not mentally present. i'm getting a lot of attention, but only while we're engaging in sexual activity and then we check out and he takes off and i kind of felt like a prostitute sort of. >> greta: and anchor troy hayden was in the courtroom today. troy, what did she achieve for herself on direct examination? we haven't gotten to the cross examination. what did she achieve for herself? >> what she did, she's painting travis in a light for a lot of people out there two different travises, talking about things behind closed doors. travis is dead now, and we have to take jody about what happened. according to her, wasn't a good mormon and wasn't a good-- >> and about an hour later, bent her over the bed and did
10:34 pm
a sex act on her and still in the church clothes and goes to what the defense is trying to say, two different travises. a public travis, pious and respected and a private travis, demented and twisted and dark an and could have abused her to the point she felt she had to kill him. and demented or twisted, you can't kill a demented or twisted, and i'm curious when she was arrested were there bruises on her. >> no, she wasn't arrested until about two weeks after the murder. didn't find anything on her, cuts on her hands and some witnesses testified cuts on her hands and the prosecution says the cuts were made while she was stabbing travis, no domestic violence there however there is a person on the witness list, an ex-boyfriend in a blog says he saw some bruising on her neck she says happened from travis we haven't gotten to that point. >> greta: thank you.
10:35 pm
now back to the legal panel, she's trying to paint him in a terrible light, and the prosecution will ultimately get a chance to get a rebuttal case on for everybody to say he's wonderful. >> as far as i'm concerned, jo jodi arias can be considered the queen of porn, but it's not about porn, the man is dead. we've heard sex acts unmentionable even on this show. >> greta: even on-- >> well, i find it very troubling. >> greta: as far as low on this show that-- >> no, high, we've the got young people who are watching this show, but this is about sex, sex, sex and i want to know when are you going to get to some testimony as to why you killed this man. you didn't kill him because you had sex with him the first time, the second time for the third time. so i find it very troubling. >> let me see if i can raise the bar back up where you just insulted the integrity of our
10:36 pm
program and secment. you're not on the legal panel anymore, the world famous legal panel, you're out. this woman is disturbed. it happens in cases we've tried all the time. because they're a bum or derelict doesn't give you the right to kill them. this is no different from fatal attraction and glenn close's response to michael douglas and she's disturbed and-- >> it's hard to say it's insanity when she had her wits about her to give three different excuses to what happened. hard to say, i didn't appreciate the wrongfulness, i'm crazy. the first time she said she didn't, and the second time, and the third time-- michael. >> it's not insanity more diminished capacity looking to bring it out of the first degree murder realm. one thing we've learned, jodi arias loves to talk.
10:37 pm
she might be the original chatty kathy here. when she gets on the stand, do you notice how she turns to the right. guess who is to the right? that's where the jury sits. and i've watched it, some of the streaming this have court trial today. and boy, does she engage those jurors. she looks right in their eyes and she even has made a couple of jokes during her testimony. so, she can be dangerous, she can be very dangerous. that's why the cross examination of the prosecutor is going to be so important. and the only thing i've seen from this prosecutor is full steam ahead. i'm wondering if he can channing up and come in gently with her and then tie her down to certain things, if he attacks her too much it might turn some of the jurors off. >> greta: last word to bernie on this. >> michael is right. the cross examination by the prosecutor's going to say, okay, you stabbed him the first time and then what happened, you stabbed him the second time and get up to 27
10:38 pm
and then you shot him then you cut him to the point you almost lopped his neck off. she's an a troubled person. >> everything going on is trying to save her own life from the death penalty and all of this salacious testimony may boomerang on her and the jury could be very well be turned off. >> greta: gentlemen, thanks, she'll no doubt be cross examined. and eric cantor is here and call the fashion police a neck tie is causing trouble with the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her likes 50% more cash, but i have an idea.
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>> move over super bowl ads there's a new ad campaign stirring more controversial than anything we saw sunday night. trying to promote job growth in florida. the slogan florida the perfect climate for business, but get this, features a men's nick tie as the "i" in florida.
10:41 pm
and making women mad and they're posting comments in florida. and one calling on the group to ditch the tie. and the chief marketer for enterprise, florida, she tries to show florida is more than sun and sand. nothing sinister about the neck tie and ironically, florida the fourth highest number of females in businesses. what do you think about the logo, come on, nowadays lots of people go by themselves. no they don't. hey son. ♪ ♪ back against the wall ♪ ain't nothin to me ♪ ain't nothin to me [ crowd murmurs ] hey! ♪
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we can afford to take an extra trip this year. first boston... then san francisco. hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so our hotels were half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ >> is the republican party giving itself a makeover? and we spoke with house majority leader eric cantor. >> greta, great to be here. >> we have a new congress and what is the g.o.p. going to do from this point forward?
10:44 pm
is there a new plan, a change in policy, a change in messaging? what are you going to do? >> i think, greta, the lesson from the election is what we have to do is reclaim our conservative principles, i mean, it's about self-reliance, faith in the individual and family and about accountability in government and put the principles to work and demonstrate that they can actually help people. and you know, i gave a talk yesterday, we're going about making sure that we allow working families in this country to regain their confidence. we do it through education, innovation, workplace that allow working people to make their life work again. >> are you adopting or endor endorsed the dream act that marco rubio embraced. >> we have a difficult situation with immigration, we know that. i feel this country has never held a kid liable for what
10:45 pm
parents do. if we've got kids brought here due to no-fault of their own and find themselves here and know no other country as home then we ought to give them permanent legal residence and allow them the path to citizenship. >> earlier today on the senate floor, the colloquy between you and steny hoyer, sequestration, we put that in place thinking it was irrational and we'd address that in the last 14 months. that didn't happen and now the president wants to delay again. and what's going to happen with sequestration? >> this is just another example. the president as you know, has come forward and said, we've got to raise taxes and the answer every single time and keep taking more of the americans money without holding yourself accountable and that's what we've said. for the last 16 months we've tried and tried and passed two
10:46 pm
measures to try to replace the sequester to go about managing the deficit whittling down the entitlement programs so we can save them. instead here we are again and the president says no, we've got to raise taxes. and the same strategy vilify the rich and i suppose don't raise the taxes on the rich and people are happy to do that and that the republicans want to cut programs that try, why would anyone who is in these programs or thinks he might have this program why would that ever be appealing to go the republican way. >> and first of all, we understand that the president is not led on this issue and there's no response whatsoever, and just raising taxes and to say that you can tax the rich and get rid of the problem it's fictional. and i believe we're for fiscal discipline, managing down the debt and deficit for a reason because we don't want a debt
10:47 pm
crisis to implode this country and our economy because if you see interest rates jack up because all of a sudden our debt is unsustainable. that means families will have to pay more every month in their mortgage and eventually see taxes go up even further because we have to pay off more debt. >> greta: how do you get that message out to the american people? i realize you go on cable shows, but we go on every single cable show and reach a universe of 7 million people. how are you going to get that out to the american people? >> one thing we require the nate to do a budget the first time in four years and as you know, if they don't do a budget they don't get paid. all of a sudden, senator schumer and others are saying we're going to do a budget. great. now we can talk about their prescription of managing down the deficit and the debt and see what it is that they're calling for. we also passed a bill in the house today that required plan act and said that the president you pass a bill by date certain and if-- and tell us, tell the american people how long it's going to take you to manage the deficit
10:48 pm
and debt down, and how you're going to do it and then the american people are going to be able to see either that you're going to see their prescriptions that never have set a balanced budget and just raising taxes which is not the answer. >> all right, on december 31st or january 1 it was extended until march 1st. the sequestration deadline. has the president called the house or senator reid or any calls back to the president about sequestration? >> not that i know of. and talked to senator reid. i have not heard from the president, i don't think that speaker boehner heard from the president. in terms of trying to come together, we have for the last 16 months said, join us in fixing the problem and that just didn't happen. >> so if you're not getting any calls, if you're not talking nothing's going to get done in the next-- >> he's got 22 days, got 22 days and we're asking for good faith efforts in addressing
10:49 pm
the long-term problems and again, it's for making sure that-- >> why hasn't he called? what's the problem? >> greta, you know, again, this has been the frustration that the president, i think, has missed several opportunities to join us, come develop the necessary rapport that's needed to fix problems. we want to fix the problem. you know, we need him to help us bring disparity sides together and so we can grow the economy. >> greta: thank you very much. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: there's more of our interview with eric cantor, go to and the senate panel postponing a vote of chuck hagel, coming as 23 senators are blasting hagel is refusing to answer questions about,
10:50 pm
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>> check this out. former florida governor jeb bush, our favorite tweets of the day. first the headline that everybody is talking about cat replaced the iron in future editions of monopoly and fans have spoken and the cat is in the iron is out. and not everyone is happening. monopoly should have kept the iron, appliances sales are up and coat ownership meanwhile is down 10%. and president ronald reagan's birthday. donald rumsfeld, happy 102nd to president reagan who reminded us, man is not free unless government is limitedment sound advice and orrin hatch, happy birthday and tweeted this photograph of
10:55 pm
himself and ronald reagan. and jeb bush is trying to follow in his brother's football, not those, but the baseball ones. president bush co-owned the team and the miami herald saying that he was rebuffed to buy the miami marlins. he's not in the baseball business quite yet. and television tweeting, a face tattoo of her boyfriend's name after first date. you heard right, a russian woman let her boyfriend tattoo his name across her face after one date. and they're now reportedly engaged. and associated press oops, palestinian president mixed up names of leader morsi and ousted mubarak and gaffe at
10:56 pm
cairo summit. he start today say president mohammed hozy-- and stopped himself short and corrected himself. nothing like mixing up the names of the country's current and ousted leaders, ouch. and donald trump tweeting congratulations to at greta wire on the 11th this anniversary,@fox news on the record. and always enjoyed being interviewed. thanks for the kind words on the twitter account. what are your favorite tweets and posts of the day. who caught your attention on twitter and facebook. follow me at greta wire and hashtag greta. coming up, look out nba, a toddler is giving theeeee hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology
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